About Cipriani Companies

Family Owned

Our company owns and operates the properties we offer for rent so we have a personal investment in the quality of what we provide our tenants.

Local Expertise

Extensive local knowledge allows us to add value to your property search. We intimately know the demographics surrounding every one of our properties.

Customer First

"We Service What We Sell" has been the motto of Cipriani Companies for 75 years! This discipline has been paramount to our success and we heed it to this day.

Our Team

Mike Cipriani

Managing Partner

Ruth Fitzgerald

Office Manager

Jim German

Property Manager

Jim Nemecek

Property Manager

Dan Tortorice

Account Manager

3rd Generation In Action

Al, Pete and Ralph Cipriani

Shortly after World War II, when brothers Al and Pete Cipriani completed their service, Cipriani Companies began as Cipriani Refrigerated Fixtures, Inc. The company literally began with a little G.I. Bill technical training and a crescent wrench. After serving in the Korean War, brother Ralph joined the team.

Built on a foundation of superior customer service, the company thrived. Through the 1960s and 1970s, the company expanded into real estate development and investment. The company is now operated by second and third generation family and, of course, the principles of customer service that made the company what it is are still very much in effect.

No summary of Cipriani Companies is complete without tribute to Bill German (1928-2006) who was there from the beginning as an advisor, consultant, contractor and friend. Bill joined Cipriani Companies as a partner in the early 80's. His commitment, diplomacy, extraordinairy problem solving and mentorship to the 2nd generation continues to guide the company today!